6 Predictions for Social Media in 2017

Monday, November 14th, 2016

What can you expect from your favorite social media networks in the next year? What trends and shifts will emerge from users, consumers and brands? Here are just a few ideas.
1. More Emojis

Love them or hate them, but emojis have become an important weave in the social media quilt. Companies like Apple have even made headlines for unrolling more detailed and more socially conscious emojis with multiple skin tones and accessories. They’re an easy way to express your feelings on platforms where your character counts might be limited, so they’re too useful and too fun to experience anything but growth.

2. The Death of Twitter

Speaking of character limits, you might want to cuss and fuss on Twitter while you still can. It’s been losing ground to brands like Instagram and Snapchat for awhile now, and many industry experts are predicting that it will die out entirely within the next few years. Twitter has already killed Vine, a popular company that it bought in 2012, and it might just turn the sword on itself when it’s no longer profitable.

3. The Continued Shift of Facebook

While still the undisputed social media champion, Facebook has been experiencing a shift in demographics. Now that everyone and their grandmother has a Facebook account, the young, hip crowd has been migrating to different networks. They want exclusivity, and more importantly, they want privacy. It’s hard to post about their worries and triumphs when their great-aunts are commenting on everything that they do. Expect Facebook to lose more young people as time goes on.

4. Further Splintering From Competitors

Social media has always been a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to the rise and fall of competing sites, and that trend shows no sign of abating in 2017. From Periscope to Pinterest, more and more brands will come out of the woodwork and offer a new way to share ideas in the 21st century. Some will succeed; others will flame out within six months; all will be interesting to watch.

5. An Emphasis on Faster Communication

Gone are the days when you complained to a brand about bad service and waited for days to get an apology and free coupon in return. Social media has opened up quicker, more direct lines of communication between brands and consumers, and now people want their questions to be answered and their problems to be addressed with much more urgency. Studies have shown that more than 70 percent of Twitter users expect brands to reply to them within the hour.

6. More Business Activity

Most businesses have realized that social media is critical to their online advertising campaigns. There are still a few brands holding out, however, and that’s expected to change in the future. It’s estimated that more than 90 percent of the 18-30 age group is on social media, so if your brand needs targeted marketing at a young demographic, not being on social media is more than just an outdated idea. It’s downright lunacy.
These are just a few trends to expect from social media in 2017. As the world changes, our methods of communication will change as well. Keep an eye out for these shifts and trends if you want to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing.

















































































































(Photo Courtesy: Steemit)