Caught Red Handed: Common Blogging Crimes You Should Never Make

Monday, November 14th, 2016

Running a blog isn’t difficult. Thousands of people create new blogs every day. So why are some blogs more successful than others? The main reason some blogs fail is because of common blogging mistakes that the owners don’t know are wrong. If you have committed one of these blogging crimes, don’t worry; many people have. Whether you’re about to start a blog or you already have one, here are some blogging mistakes you should never do or at least avoid doing from here on out.

Begging for Followers

No one likes a beggar. Unfortunately, this is probably the most common blogging crime that people commit. It’s very obvious why people make this mistake. They’re in a hurry to grow their audience so that their writing reaches more people and their earnings grow from ads. If you have your own blog, you may have even seen someone begging for followers. They typically say something like, “Nice post, come check out my blog.” This is a clear sign that they didn’t read your blog and are just fishing for more views on their own sites. Don’t be this person. Let traffic happen naturally for your blog.

Posting Bad Photos

No one likes a wall of text. That’s why it’s a good idea to break it up with sub-headers, lists, and pictures. However, a bad photo can be even worse than a wall of text. It makes your post look unprofessional and lazy. The rules of posting photos on your blog are simple. Use clear, bright and large images. No one wants small pictures that they can’t make out. At the same time, no one wants a blurry image either. Make sure that your pictures are helping your blog, not hurting it.

Be Consistent
People like consistency, so when they find a blog that they like, they want to see it updated on a regular basis. Life can get in the way of writing sometimes, which may mean that you only update once a week or month. When you get back into the swing of things, you start updating every day only to slack off again. This gives your followers the wrong idea, and they start to look elsewhere for the same information they used to get from your blog. Writing on your blog is something that you need to set time aside for every day or as many times as you want to write in a week. Once you set aside this time, try your best to stick to that schedule, and update your blog roughly around the same time every day.

These are just a few of the blogging crimes that you should avoid. While there are other crimes as well, these are the ones that bloggers commit the most. Just remember that writing a blog is supposed to be fun. You’re not trying to market yourself to the world. As soon as you make your blog all about the money or how many visitors you have, it becomes a job. Have fun with your writing, and let your blog grow naturally.































































(Photo Courtesy: The Atlantic)