Editing Tips That Can Help Your Blog

Monday, November 14th, 2016

Some bloggers are naturally gifted when it comes to writing. They can write in a way that is easy for people to follow while still conveying their ideas. For some, it may seem as if writing like this is outside of their reach. However, the secret to writing successful blog posts can be taught, starting with editing. Many professional editors can transform rough blog posts into shinning gems. Thankfully, you don’t need a professional editor. You can do it yourself by following these editing tips.

Avoid Filler Words

This is a hard habit to break, but doing so can really improve your writing. You have to avoid empty filler words or grammar expletives. The word “expletive” comes from the Latin word “explere,” which means “to fill.” Some filler words or phrases include: it was, it is, here is, there will be and there is. The problem is that they weaken your writing by shifting focus away from the true meaning of your sentence. For example, the sentence “It’s fun to play games” has filler. Instead, the sentence should read: “Playing games is fun.” Another example: “It takes time to eat.” This should be written, “Eating takes time.” Eliminating filler words can go a long way in improving your writing.

Avoid Weak Verbs

This goes hand in hand with the tip above. Words such as “it” not only create grammar expletives in your work but also weaken the words that follow. This tip is hard to understand without an example. Let’s say that there’s a person who everyone loves. You could say, “People are in love with him.” However, it feels stronger to say, “People love him.”

Avoid Crippling Your Writing With Weak Adjectives

This one is easy to do if you don’t have a large vocabulary, but weak adjectives destroy your writing. Maybe you’re running a blog about food. If you visit a restaurant, you could say that the food was really bad. However, you could make a stronger statement by saying that the food was terrible. One thing to watch out for is the word “very.” People use this often to show emphasis. For example, you could say that you live in a a very big house. However, you could change that sentence to say that you live in a huge house. The second option has the same meaning but makes a bigger impact on your reader. Don’t just say that a woman is very pretty; say that she’s gorgeous. These are all examples on how you can avoid using weak adjectives.

Trim the Fat

Lastly, you have to trim the fat from your sentences. People use excess words that don’t need to be in sentences. For example, you could write that training is absolutely essential to football. You can trim some fat from this sentence by just saying that training is essential to football. The word “absolutely” is redundant in this case.

Remember that successful blog writing is not something that happens overnight. Just because you don’t have thousands of views every time you post a blog doesn’t mean that you should be put off from blog writing. It takes time to develop a readership. Always proofread your posts, run them through a spellchecker and follow the tips above. Doing so can transform your blog into something that really grabs the attention of your readers.















































































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