Go Live! Instagram Live

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

When Instagram made a splash in 2010, it was simply a way to post and trade photos through social media. Currently, this company is one of the most popular platforms to interact on through both personal and professional profiles. In fact, its newest innovation is a live feed that complements the original functions that come with other photos and videos. Discover Instagram Live and what it can do for your company or brand.

Introducing the Live Feature

Instagram developed their app as a simple way to quickly create and send photos, and that same concept applies to the live feature. As you swipe across the screen for either videos or photos, you’ll also find the live function in this area. As you perform on the live section, the data isn’t saved as a post. It’s merely broadcasted on your username and immediately disappears after you shut it off.

Going “On the Air”

Some users might be wary about a function that doesn’t save anything, but Instagram is embracing the live concept and encouraging it for this generation of smartphone experts. Select the live function, press “live” and your image will be instantly transmitted to all of your followers. In fact, they might receive a notification that you’re on the air or this indication is also offered on your profile as the situation arises. Going live draws on the excitement of seeing an unrehearsed video that can surprise and amaze many viewers.

Encouraging Instant Connections

Because notifications of the live performance can go out to your followers, this action encourages instant connections. Followers cannot return to your profile page to see the content because it won’t be there. They’ll be encouraged to comment and view the content as you create it. These instant connections can also lead to more followers as the live performance goes on because viewers will notify their friends of the fascinating content.

Urgency Drives the Marketing Business

If you’re a business on Instagram, you want to use this live function because it generates a sense of urgency in your customers. Because the information is short-lived, customers flock to the social-media site to see it before it disappears. Announce a major product launch or explain an upcoming sale to your customers through a live performance. The urgent information can move a business ahead in only a day.

Unusual Posts go a Long Way

When most posts are added to any Instagram account, they’re essentially permanent. They become part of that user’s history. As a result, strange or unusual posts may not be added at all because of their quirkiness. Instagram Live doesn’t save the posts, which encourages alternative content that can drive a company, brand or personality’s value through this social-media site. Go live with a stunt or funny story, and that content will only be available during its original performance.

Instagram users also have another outlet for their photos by using disappearing messages and photos through the Direct Messaging system. Whether it’s used for either personal or professional needs, this messaging system allows you to convey a picture or video without it being saved into the main server. Send a quick message, and it’s gone after being viewed. With memory as a critical need in this day and age, this disappearing message concept may be the next big thing.

(Photo Courtesy: Tech Times)