How to be a Social Media Boss

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

The Internet has become a haven for technologically savvy people who’re actually making money through social media. Everyday bloggers are now famous through Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. It’s time for you to shine with these smart individuals by being your own, social-media boss. Learn some of the ins and outs that come along with this fascinating world. You’ll be running the world in no time.

Don’t be a Flooder

You’ve probably seen some bloggers who are new to the social-media world, and they proceed to post every single picture in their camera roll. An immediate reaction is to unfollow these people. Don’t become a flooder by posting everything imaginable. Pick and choose the posts that you publish. For some bloggers, posting once or twice a day is sufficient. Make the statement, image or video an important reflection of your personality. When you add too many items to a social-media account, the information simply becomes a blur for the followers.

Offer a Visual Perspective

It’s a fact that social-media enthusiasts tend to scroll through their feeds until something catches their attention. By posting only text, it’s possible for many followers to skip your content. Post periodic photos and videos so that the scrolling action stops on your images. Your followers will gain a better understanding of you as the images show off your personality and interests. Make the captions as clever as possible without writing an entire book. Your followers can deduce a lot of information from the image itself.

Change With the Times

It’s not unheard of for social-media sites to change their rules and algorithms during the year. If you plan out your posts far ahead of time, they may not work out as you planned. Try to set up short- and long-term goals across the year so that you can move with the times. If character changes occur at some point, you can quickly assimilate and post your items without fail. Unprepared bloggers will be left out of the new, social-media world.

Remember to Diversify

Your favorite website may be Facebook, but there are millions of potential followers on Snapchat and Instagram. Diversify your social-media portfolio by branching out to a handful of different sites. Don’t forget that every post should still have good content to keep your followers as happy as possible. Learn the details about each site so that you’re not missing out on any perks. From photo opportunities to linking descriptions, each site has slightly different rules. You’ll greatly benefit from a quick tutorial on each site.

Think About Content

Your content must be constantly updated and posted to remain fresh. There’s no other way around this fact. Avoid repetition by posting about different subjects each day. Don’t use the same sentences and descriptions that were in a previous post. You might consider the hire of a freelance writer in order to cover any content issues. Making your content as unique as possible will reward you with more followers and visibility across the Internet’s search engines.

Keep your posts appropriate for the majority of readers. Profanity and offensive behavior will turn off your followers. Maintain a smart and engaging feed that will only make your followers think, laugh and applaud. Your online presence will only grow from there.

(Photo courtesy: NH Strategic Marketing, Floret Media, City Arts, Hello Gwen, Half Baked Harvest, Colorado State University)