Join in on the Fun: Finding the Right Youtube Challenge to Participate in

Friday, December 16th, 2016

Youtube has one of the largest libraries of video on the planet.  In fact, they have so many videos that scientists at UC Berkeley recently connected their dream interpretation software to the site in order to make a composite picture of what someone is dreaming about.  Their device reads human brain and physiology and then turns the phenomenon into associations that can be mapped and then found and displayed as a patchwork video on Youtube.  The results are said to be very close to what people describe seeing.

The upshot is that you can find almost anything you’re looking for on Youtube.  Therefore, in order to capitalize on the size of their library, both Youtube and other private parties have been creating contest like challenges that allow people to be creative and either find things that they are looking for online or create things that match the theme of the contest.

Here are some current challenges that are pretty popular online:

Banana and Sprite Challenge:  The idea behind the banana and Sprite challenge is the same as many other food types of challenges.  If you respect the hot dog eating champion Kobayashi and his world records, you might decide that you want to get involved.  This one gives you one minute to eat two bananas and drink one can of sprite without vomiting.  Of course you should film the whole thing and then post it to Youtube when you are done so that you can prove that you participated in the challenge.

Cinnamon Challenge:  Using the same food theme, you are supposed to eat a teaspoon of cinnamon in less than one minute while you record yourself on video.  You cannot drink any water or have any liquids that might help you get past the cinnamon during that time period.  One of the more durable challenges, it has actually been trending on Youtube for over 15 years.  It is popular because it is just dangerous enough to have people consider it to be a challenge.  A very few people have ended up in the hospital, but most people end up with some severe discomfort from the cinnamon during that 60 seconds.  Because there is some bravado involved, it supposedly gets mentioned over 50,000 times a day on Twitter.

Chubby Bunny Challenge:  Although there are elements of danger to the Chubby Bunny game, it is still one of the more popular games in the United States when it comes to camping.  The Youtube video version is much the same.  You get bags of marshmallows and then get in a circle and say ‘Chubby Bunny’ after placing a marshmallow in your mouth.  You cannot take marshmallows out, but you can put more in if you are able to consistently say ‘Chubby Bunny’ without garbling anything. The last person that can still communicate wins!  Although you can get hurt, it is believed that there never has been a death that occurred while a supervised version of the game was going.  So arrange for supervision!

‘What’s in my Mouth?’ Challenge:  One of the more popular challenges that friends enjoy participating in is a filming of a ‘What’s in My Mouth?”” challenge.  The idea is pretty straight-forward, you merely need to survive a round of a friend or frenemy putting things into your mouth while you are blindfolded .  If you can get through all the objects, usually chosen because they will generate laughter or disgust online. you will win the challenge.

Bean Boozled Challenge:  If you like to explore the outer limits of taste, you’ll like the Bean Boozled Challenge. Supported by the Jelly Belly company, the challenge relies upon packs of jelly beans that look similar but have really different flavors. One jelly bean may taste like coconut and pineapple. The next jelly bean that looks exactly the same, may taste like spoiled milk. The idea is that you will be able to work through an entire set of mystery flavors and record it for Youtube in order to pass the challenge.

Whisper Challenge: The whisper challenge involves wearing noise canceling headphones while your friends attempt to tell you something without verbalizing it. It is popular because you can learn how hard it is to read lips.






























































































































(Photo courtesy: Oh! Nuts)