Take These 3 Essential Steps to Grow Your Blog Post

Friday, September 1st, 2017

Are you frustrated because you’ve put your heart and soul into creating an amazing blog post only to come up with nothing? If so, then you know the struggle thousands of writers face every day. The key to keeping your followers engaged – and grabbing new ones – is to create a fair volume of quality content on a consistent basis.

Every blog post, good or bad, starts with an idea, the “What if?” If you constantly find yourself running dry of ideas, here are three ways you can tap into your creative center and set the internet on fire with your brilliance.

Learn Where Ideas Come From

Two of the main reasons writers become stuck for ideas is either from thinking too much or keeping their focus too narrow. While these two ideas may seem to contradict each other, they stem from different issues. Limiting your focus is like continually drawing water from a shallow well; eventually, it will run dry. On the other hand, the chaotic mind differs from the mind that flows freely by becoming too cluttered; there is a big difference between brainstorming and becoming overwhelmed.

Whatever you’re writing, the main idea of any piece of content is to address a problem and offer a solution. Brainstorming uses free association that eventually begins to take on a pattern of related thoughts. Learn to manage this by writing down the words or phrases that come to mind instead of just allowing them to swirl around in your head at random. This will help you learn to spot trends or identify fresh approaches to tired subjects.

Learn to Tap Into Motivation

Once you have a load of fresh ideas waiting to become ripe, how to you motivated? One way is to feel passion about your subject, but that doesn’t always happen naturally. All of us have those days when we just sit and stare at a blank screen with no idea how to turn on the juice.

You can learn to turn on motivation anytime with this one simple trick. Try to remember a time when you were really in the zone. The idea is to draw from that memory. What was it that made you so psyched? Was there a certain song playing, a scent in the air, something you read? Senses have memory, and duplicating the atmosphere that stirred creativity in the past will allow you to call up that passion almost at will. It just takes a little practice to become routine.

Learn to Structure Your Ideas

This goes back to chaos again. There’s an old stereotype of the ‘artiste’ who can only work when the muse drifts in the window to inspire them. However, to become successful is to also become organized and disciplined to some degree. In between inspiration and passion, there needs to be structure to hold it all together.

Get into the habit of jotting down ideas as the come to you. That will help you gain inspiration and keep a reservoir of fresh possibilities. Once you have your main idea, write your subheads to give your post the structure and direction it needs. Having your subheads in place, write the introductory paragraph that lays out what you’re going to say, then build on that theme from subhead to subhead.

Keeping a fresh flow of ideas is easy once you condition yourself to slip into a creative mindset at will. Once you know the steps it takes to getting blog ideas, becoming passionate about expressing your ideas and structuring them logically, growing your blog post from seed to seedling and on to fruition will become second nature.

( Photo Courtesy: We Heart It)