What It Truly Means to Be an Influencer and Not Just a Blogger

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

If you are a blogger, you are aware that you need to advertise. But it comes down to much more than this. Anyone can pay for a few ads to be placed on the web. If you call it a day after this puny gesture, you’ve probably done more harm than good to your blog. What you need is a consistent SEO marketing plan that keeps your name in front of the public while continuing to gain loyal readers. To accomplish this crucial goal, you will have to discover for yourself what the power of of being an influencer is.

Influencers Are Now Bona Fide Celebrities With Genuine Selling Power

You may at first have trouble accepting this as the truth, but the fact is that bloggers now have an enormous influence and the cream of the crop of these influencers are now bona fide celebrities who possess selling power that is comparable to that of any actor, musician, or model. A blog that reaches hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of viewers will qualify its owner as a genuine celebrity in his or her own right. This puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to being able to exert your selling power.

Building a Following

If you can build up a following that numbers in the thousands, you can begin to exert serious influence. The likes and dislikes that you pass along will come to be taken as knowledgeable recommendations from a trusted member of the industry. As such, your opinions will come to carry serious weight. People will seek you out to get your approval on their own projects. This will lead to a great many fruitful interactions and business deals that will transform you from a no name start up into a serious online celebrity.

Bloggers Do a Great Deal More than Merely Writing Blog Posts

As noted above, modern celebrity level bloggers do a great deal more than merely writing blog posts. For one thing, they aren’t just bloggers, they are business owners. For another, their knowledge and astute use of modern SEO skills qualifies them to exert a real influence on the tastes and opinions of online shoppers. Influencers are now looked upon as role models who are able to dictate the course of consumer activity in many areas. This is an awesome position to be in but it also carries with it a great deal of personal liability and responsibility.

You Can Use the Power of the Web to Transform into an Influential Blogger

It’s up to you to make use of the internet to transform yourself into an influential blogger. The key is content. You will need a constant stream of content to elevate yourself to this exalted position. Beyond that, you need to make sure that your content is SEO rich so that you can reach the maximum number of potential viewers and customers. Once you have learned the rules, you can use them to become an online celebrity.

(Photo courtesy: Jeff Bullas, Crowds for rent, Wikipedia, The Guardian, Pinterest)