Why bloggers should batch their blog posts

Friday, July 21st, 2017

No business is a profitable one if no one knows it exists. If you are the owner of a new small business, particularly one that is based on the world wide web, you need to know every trick in the book to expand your audience. Part of a successful modern advertising strategy should be knowing how to blog. And even after you have successfully established your blog, you will still need to know how to break up the posts into topic groups so that your readers can quickly find the posts that deal with the topics they are interested in learning more about.

Batching Your Posts Allows You to Work Out the Theme of Your Blog

If you are just now getting started on establishing a blog for your company, you might want to first work out what the overriding theme of your blog will be. Batching is a great way to do this. You can sit down and brainstorm a whole bunch – or batch, hence the name of the technique – of ideas. While it may seem more difficult at first to create 10 new articles instead of just one, this tactic does have some serious merit to it. Look at it this way: You can figure out your essential theme, explore all of the possible variations, then give them to the public all at once.

Batching Eliminates Any Confusion Over What You Intend to Cover

One very important result that batching brings in its wake is the elimination of any possible confusion concerning the stated purpose of your blog. When a reader comes to your blog and sees that all of the posts are “batched” together around a central theme and variations thereof, they won’t be in any doubt what that subject is. If they are interested in the themes you explore in your posts, they will be more than happy to read on and then recommend the blog to their friends who share the same interest. By centralizing your purpose via batching, you are able to target a certain demographic.

Batching Your Posts Can Help You to Produce More of Them

One benefit that batching your posts can definitely bring to the table is a sudden and serious increase in your overall productivity. If you can brainstorm 10 topics, you can surely just as easily create ten quick posts to match each subject you come up with. Doing it this way will bring consistency and clarity to your blog, a feature that readers will appreciate. No one likes to have to thumb through a badly organized bunch of posts with a thousand different subjects. When you coordinate your posts by batching them around one central topic, it makes your blog easier to enjoy.

Batching Your Blog Posts Gives a Boost to Your Brand Recognition

Perhaps the most compelling reason to consider batching your blog posts is the boost that doing so will give to your brand. You’re already struggling to be identified out of a sea of competitors. Batching your blog posts will help readers remember the purpose and content of your blog with ease. This will give you a leg up on your competitors. While others seek to diversify and end up diluting the strength of your brand, you can stay strong by keeping it simple.

(Photo courtesy:, We Heart It, noobpreneur, and Turbine.)