Why Your Blog Needs a Newsletter

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Bloggers fight a constant battle to stay popular and relevant against hundreds if not thousands of rivals. If you’re a blogger yourself, you probably already know this. But were you aware that you can help to distinguish your brand from the masses with the help of an email newsletter? Here are just five reasons why it pays to have a newsletter for your blog.

1. It reminds your readers that you exist

This is the main reason why blogs and businesses start email newsletters: brand awareness. By dropping into people’s inboxes on a regular basis, you become a familiar name that they might think about the next time that they need your type of content. For example, even if they aren’t currently interested in an article called “6 Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot,” they might be talking about flu shots with their co-workers three days from now and remember you.

2. It provides a quick, easy way for readers to digest your content

Most bloggers use email newsletters as a way to round up all of their weekly or monthly content and present it to their readers in one convenient package. They’ll link to their newest posts, promote their social media accounts and encourage readers to take any polls or surveys that they’ve set up. These bloggers have the right idea: Instead of blindly pointing people towards your website, you’ll be directing them towards the most relevant and up-to-date content that you have to offer.

3. It’s more personal than other forms of communication

Even if they’re sent to thousands of readers, email newsletters will “feel” more intimate than a public post on your blog or social media network. This gives you a chance to be friendly and personable while engaging directly with your readers. As a bonus, your readers might be more likely to engage back! You might just find that people are more willing to comment or ask questions in a one-on-one setting than through a public forum where everyone can see what they’re typing.

4. It keeps you from being marked as spam

If you only send emails to your readers with the occasional reminder or announcement, there’s a non-zero chance that their email provider will mark you as “spam.” Not only will this prevent readers from seeing your content, but if you’re marked as spam multiple times, you increase your risk of going on a permanent blacklist. To make matters worse, your readers probably won’t even know about this. Unless you can get them subscribed to a regular newsletter, they probably won’t register a lack of communication from you.

5. It builds a sense of trust

It’s a well-known psychological phenomenon that people gravitate towards the familiar. Even if they aren’t actually opening your newsletters, they’ll still trust your brand because they’ve seen your name in their inbox over and over again. This is why you shouldn’t despair if you don’t see a lot of web traffic coming from your newsletters. They’re still making an invisible impact just by reaching your readers and becoming a fixture in their lives.

These are just a few reasons why your blog needs an email newsletter. Whether you’re sharing recipes, reviewing video games or offering career advice to the masses, every type of blog could benefit from a high-value, content-rich newsletter.

(Photo courtesy: codi blog, andreebelle, Ciol)